Pricing Info

A typical 10 Panel System is designed to heat 1000 square feet (100 sq ft per each 2'x2' panel) of well insulated space. See our gallery of images Larger or smaller systems are available to heat different sized areas. The retail price for a six panel system with one blower would be $2500. We can design a system to fit any application, so please call us today for a custom design consultation and pricing. Click here get rebate info here to learn about the SunnyTherm rebate program

10 Panel Kit Includes:

​​10 panels (not pictured here)
Blower assembly with faceplate
Return air grille with faceplate
12volt power supply transformer
Power supply transformer
#2 square screwdriver bit
High temperature silicone caulk
Installation Instructions

The SunnyTherm® Solar Heating System is only intended for installation on stationary buildings. DO NOT INSTALL this system on any moving vehicle.  The design for attaching the system isn’t intended for structures that will be bouncing and twisting with a 70 mile an hour wind blowing over it for thousands of miles. This is mainly a liability issue.  Use on a Tiny House may be different.  Please contact us to discuss.


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