How to become a SunCatcher.Systems Sales Rep

What you need to know:

  • SunCatcher.Systems reps are 1099 agents.  What that means is that you are considered  by  the  IRS to be an independent contractor, and as such, you will report  to  the  IRS via  a  1099  tax  form  given to  you by  SunCatcher.Systems  all of the income (over $600) and expenses (including mileage) related to your work with  SunCatcher.Systems.  SunCatcher.Systems does not pay any Federal or State tax for you.  You are NOT reimbursed for your mileage by  SunCatcher.Systems.

    You are paid two ways:

     $1 for every person you give a brochure to who has a sunny wall (you will need to input their address into our database).  Checks are cut every Monday.
     You earn a generous percentage of the cost of every system you sell, with a chance to make bonuses.

    SunCatcher.Systems sales reps can also get their SunnyTherm system for their own personal use at cost. This is considered a 'bonus' perk for reps who demonstrate professionalism, commitment, loyalty and stick-to-it-ness.

  • There are no 'employee benefits' related to this position.  You are basically working on your own.  SunCatcher.Systems will provide you all the materials and support you need to be successful selling the SunnyTherm systems, but you don't 'come into the office' or have 'sales goals' or company 'holiday parties'.  What it does mean is that your success will directly correlate to the amount of effort and drive you express.
  • There are two 'stages' to working the SunCatcher.Systems sales approach--brochure distribution and following up with leads that are either given to you or that you find yourself.  Distributing brochures is the key area that will make you successful.  Your job is simply to get the SunCatcher.System brochure into the hands of as many QUALIFIED buyers as possible, in the shortest amount of time.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  The most direct is to find neighborhoods to canvas.  
  • Before canvassing a neighborhood, find out if it's been done before (you will be trained how to do this--it's simple). Start at one end of a block and walk (or bike) your way through, looking for a structure wall that meets SunnyTherm criteria.  Find the owner of this wall (again, this is where the training comes in) and BRIEFLY explain the system.  There is no selling involved!  All you want to do is get the brochure into the owners hand.  
  • Another way to distribute brochures is by giving them to all your family, friends and neighbors and getting them excited about what you're doing and why you're doing it.  You'll be surprised how infectious your enthusiasm is and how willing they will be to help you find folks who need the system. NOTE: SunCatcher.Systems is NOT an MLM (multi-level-marketing) program.  You are not trying to recruit anyone or sell the product.  It is strictly about distributing brochures and getting folks thinking about the possibilities of having free fuel for life!
  • You are paid (as explained above) once you've logged the addresses where you have found walls and given brochures to owners.  You are now 'building your pipeline' and setting the stage to make money on commissions from the systems you sell directly to customers from leads you either generate yourself or that come to you from the dealer.  

There is a bit of risk involved with this position. You risk losing your enthusiasm and getting distracted perhaps because the money is not coming in as quickly as you thought it would.  Remember, with this gig, you are the 'Master of your Universe!'  

But before you hit the streets and start building your pipe-line, you will need to get some training. The time you spend getting trained on the SunCatcher.Systems canvassing approach, reporting process, sales process, including how to submit a work-order request and then how to support the customer during the installation is your own investment with your job with SunCatcher.Systems.  You are not reimbursed for training time.  That training could take an afternoon, or a few days, spread out over a month.  It all depends on your motivation and level of commitment. 

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to have a phone conversation with Dhara, the dealer and the person who will be working with you and helping you stay successful each step of the way.  Reach out to Dhara (in Fort Collins) at (970) 310-1775.  Get started on a great, fun way to make money and make a difference!  Thanks!