Our mission is to make green heating technology available at a price real people can afford.

If we are going to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and energy monopolies, we must create green technologies that are simple enough to be accessible to the general public.

The Inventor and DesignerSunnyThermInventorGaryDuCheauteau

The Dealer and climate change advocate


SunnyTherm® designer, Gary DuC​hateau, has a background in construction management, manufacturing, equipment design, and business administration. Years of living in a rural area with brutal winters made him acutely aware of the cost of heating and the unreliability of utilities in some areas. He and his neighbors often struggled with huge propane bills. 

     These experiences, and a strong desire to find an eco-friendly affordable alternative, led Gary to experiment with various alternative means of heating a home, shop, office, greenhouse, cabin or other structure. The result was the design for the SunnyTherm® solar air heating system.


Dhara Rose, dealer and advocate has a background in political science and marketing.  After raising her two children to become respectful earth stewards, she wanted to do more.  Active with the Northern Colorado chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CitizensClimateLobby.org), Dhara finds in the SunnyTherm system the perfect solution to an impending energy crisis.  By helping to empower homeowners to become energy self-sufficient, the demand for fossil fuels will be lessened and more focus can be put on renewable forms of energy.  SunnyTherm is the perfect solution at the perfect time! And SunCatcher.Systems is PROUD to be the EXCLUSIVE Northern Colorado and Wyoming dealer of SunnyTherm Solar Heating Made Simple. Click here to find out how you can be a part of the most exciting game to emerge on the local renewables radar in a long time.  Learn how to become a SunCatcher.Systems rep here.  Join Our Team