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Affordable Solar Hot Air Heating System On- or Off-Grid


Do you really want to pay the utility company hundreds of dollars every month? Wouldn't you rather invest just once in the SunnyTherm® hot-air heating system and get free fuel for life?

SunnyTherm® has no plumbing or electrical wiring to install and uses only 12 volts DC to operate; that's about what it takes to charge your cell phone! Or you can use photovoltaics and be totally off grid.  Get more system details here See how it works

It's elegantly simple and easy to install. The panels weigh only about 15 pounds each and can be mounted on any exterior wall with good exposure to direct sunlight. The number of panels and their configuration are customized to the unique needs of each site. See it get installed

Let us design a system for your home, garage, cabin, barn, workshop or greenhouse.

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